Yes There Are Godly Women Who Are Sold Out To Christ


Have you seen them? Godly women who are sold out to Christ … and yes, they exist today.

I want to tell you about a particular woman, her name is Blanca and she is from El Salvador. She is very special to me even though last week we spent time with the , they had a real Wake … night and day for 2 days.

Every year, for the last 15 or so years, she would return twice a year to her country to take clothing and other things to help the poor in her country, and she would minister.  She had such great faith, always positive, always praising God, always hopeful no matter what was going on. She truly trusted Christ!

She came back in July and my husband and I noticed first thing that there was something wrong.  I would look in her eyes and I saw pain.  I hugged her and told her “Mamita, te quiero mucho!”  and then I asked her how she was (“Como estas, Mamita?) and she looked at me and said “bien” and then asked me to pray for her. She is so precious to me!

Two months later, she was in the hospital with stage 4 cancer, we went to visit her and one of her daughters was staying there.  I told her I was staying with her and she cried.  You see, her daughter does know how to speak English very well.  However, I noticed when the nurses came in that there wasn’t much communication and I asked the daughter (Lilian) and she didn’t know what treatment they were giving her mother and why.  That is when I knew I needed to stay … to help with the questions that needed asking and also to support the family.

Nothing great on my part … it’s about love.  Of course, we go to church together (Hispanic church), but some of their family who go somewhere else don’t really know me.  So, I could see in their eyes “What is this red-headed stepchild doing here?” It was quite comical! But, after the first day there, they were hugging me and thanking me for being there with them and helping them. I love this family!

All through her cancer, Blanca’s eyes shone bright and clear, she had peace.  She refused chemotherapy and she wanted to go home.

One morning, Lilan told me they needed prayer for a miracle for her mother.  I looked at her and told her exactly what God was telling me right then “You don’t understand, Lilian, God has already provided the miracle! He has given you and your family time with your amazing Mama, her life and her love is still bringing the miracle! Look in her eyes, she has no fear, she trusts God even though she knows she is dying!” Lilian cried and said “Thank you, I did not see that.  He is already giving us the miracle! Thank you Jesus Christ!”

For me, she exhibited such Christ-like faith, but not only that, more importantly, she displayed the love of Christ, the life of Christ! It was as if I was seeing Christ!  The truth is, I was!

She passed away right after midnight on Christmas morning.  God answered my prayer that He would allow her to make it to Christmas.

I told her family on the day of the wake, “God gave your family the greatest Christmas gift.  Your Mom, your grandmother, is resting now awaiting her promise.  That is the greatest gift!”

Who has impacted you as if they were Christ themselves? Christ in you is life-changing!

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