Would You Chase Someone Down?

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The other day, I was happily working on someone’s backend website when I saw a kind-of familiar truck pull in our long driveway and go towards the pasture.  So, I’m thinking, ‘It must be one of the lease hunters.’

Pecking away at the computer, I hear them come back out. Wow, that was quick! I’m watching out the window, when what do I see? (Sorry, no reindeer!)

Our stock trailer on their bumper leaving our property! What! Oh no! I run outside in my jammies and to the back pasture to see if I saw correctly.  Sure enough, it was gone!

I run back in, throw on jeans and shoes and run out the door for the car.  I texted my husband at work to see if he gave permission for the trailer to be borrowed, of course no answer. I also texted our oldest son to see if he had borrowed it, no answer either.

chase someone down

So, I’m jamming down the road trying to find our trailer.  I call 911 and report it stolen and I’m trying to find them, heading 25 miles north, thinking that’s where it’s headed.  APB is put out on the trailer.

Meanwhile, my husband is trying to get ahold of our youngest son.  I’m already back home, waiting for cops to find our trailer.

Son calls and says, “Mom, Willis and I have the trailer, didn’t you see us?” Sure, I saw a truck, but I’m not very familiar with Willis’ new truck and blackout on windows does not allow you to see inside.  “Jarvis, Willis didn’t answer his phone and he usually asks before he comes borrows something!”

So, I tell him, “There’s an APB out on the trailer, sheriff’s are looking for it.” He’s panicking, “Call it off! We don’t want to get stopped, we’re buying split wood and the trailer has no lights!

What would you have done?

Would you have chased down your property?

I’ll be honest, I acted like a mother bear. Would you? Seeing your property walk off like that?

What’s the point in all of this?

If you were missing God’s anointing on your life, would you chase Him down for it?

So many times, we find ourselves lacking in .  Things happen, emotions run high and low and before you know it, you’re not spending the time with God that you were.  More struggles appear and we think, “I need to do better.”

If you were missing God's anointing on your life, would you chase Him down for it? Click To Tweet

I do that, more than I should. So, what’s the recipe?

10 daily steps to intimacy with God:

  1. Read God’s Word
  2. Pray over God’s Word in our lives
  3. Study God’s Word
  4. Pray some more, connecting with God on an intimate level
  5. Ask God to increase our faith.  Remember, He is the author and perfecter of our faith
  6. Read Philippians 4:6 and meditate on it
  7. Think on things that are good, right, lovely, trustworthy
  8. Trust God in all things
  9. Believe God’s Word in it’s entirety
  10. Ask God to speak to you through His Word

In a nutshell, we will chase down material things, we will chase down our kids when they’re going in the wrong direction. But, how much effort will we put forth to chase down God? He’s not moving, but we moved.  He’s still there waiting, with arms stretched wide open.

When we put forth the loving passionate effort to return to God’s loving embrace, He will move the obstacles out of our way.

When we put forth the loving passionate effort to return to God's loving embrace, He will move the obstacles out of our way. Click To Tweet

What’s your story? What have you done recently to let God know that He is the most important in your life?

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