Valentine’s Day is Fast Approaching

Valentine's Day
I have been thinking about Valentine’s Day as well as husbands and wives, special times generated, etc.

It is so important for husbands and wives to portray to each other how much they are loved, how much they are appreciated and that their happiness comes before yours (this needs to work both ways for a marriage to be blessed).  There are so many interacting things bombarding each of you for attention, for money, for decisions. It may be that you don’t have much time together anymore and so you’re just married, not interacting, not spending time together.

We are going to make up something special for you wives to give to your husbands on Valentine’s Day that will literally be giving all year and it is extremely budget-conscious.  How great is that!

As a prelude to the real Valentine’s Day post, I am going to ask each of the wives to have a mindset and heart open to provide special times that your husband will love.  It is nothing inappropriate, I can assure you.  But, it will be something that you wives will need to do and will benefit the marriage.

No matter the condition of your marriage, no matter what’s been going on, I can assure you that each husband will appreciate these special gifts from you.  Give it to him with love, and do them with love.

Why all of the secrecy? I’m just going to say, you need to be watching over the next few days.

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So, be watching over the next couple of days ….

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