Teen Talk Tuesday: Who Do You Talk To?

Two weeks ago, we talked about the words we say and how we need to have much more personal conversations, face-to-face, instead of technology.  Have you been paying closer attention to your conversations and trying to be personal as well as positive in those conversations?

There are times when we can become bombarded with troubled thoughts and you may talk to one of your friends at school.  I see alot of this done by text messaging anymore.  That is sad.  When you are troubled, it means so much more to have a face-to-face conversation.

Over the weekend, we had a conversation (yes, face-to-face) with one of the youth and she related how what she is feeling she can’t talk to her Mom because she doesn’t want her Mom to see her cry.  Is that you?

Let’s say you have a school project that will be 50% of your final semester grade.  This is a project you don’t know how to do or know very little about it.  Would you seek the help and advice of someone who has some knowledge? Or would you seek the advice and help of someone who is an expert?  Remember, this is going to be a BIG part of your final grade! Extremely important!

Who would you choose?

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