Teen Talk Tuesday: School Studies

It appears that some students today have lost that drive or ambition to try their best because either things at home are not the best or the class work or homework is just too overwhelming. Are you?

When I was in school and taking Algebra (and struggling, of course), I remember thinking “What am I ever going to use this for? What is the point?”

Do you wonder that about some of the classes you have either elected to take or are required to take?

What do you do when you’re so overwhelmed with school work, sports, extra-curricular activities, family time is limited, hanging out with friends is limited?

How well you do in your studies, your classes, will determine how well you will do in life.  I’m not just talking about academics, but I’m talking about perseverance in life through trials, through difficulties.

What can you do if you feel you have too much to do?