Teen Talk Tuesday: Hear Me

There are times when we feel that God is not near, that He is not noticing things that are going on in our lives, things that aren’t good. There are times when you may doubt because something you’ve been praying for has not come to pass, it may be that things are getting worse.

And, that means your faith may decrease. Is that happening to you? That doubt is your flesh and the devil. Don’t believe it! Because God is always working behind the scenes.

When we face difficulties in life, it’s easier to stress about it, overthink it, worry about it, maybe cry about it, seek advice from others. As a last resort when nothing else has worked, we go to God in desperation.

Despair makes us feel isolated and distant from God. When we feel overwhelmed by a problem, feeling sorry for ourselves will only increase feelings of hopelessness.

God hears you, but He wants you to hear Him! Fall in love with God Almighty!

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