Teen Talk Tuesday: Freedom

We are so glad you are joining us again on Teen Talk.

Last week we talked about our future, your future. We talked about the plans that God has for you, to give you hope. In addition, we talked about the pressures of family, friends and even teachers on knowing what career path you will take. We advised that you do your best each day and allow God to guide you as you listen to Him.

If your family is like most these days, it is ‘Run here, run there’. Do you have extracurricular activities after school? Not to mention homework. And, then there are some families who have difficulties; for some it may be finances, for some it may be parental stress, maybe everyone is so busy there is no time to sit and eat dinner together, for others it may be dysfunction.

Let’s just stop right here on the family dysfunction and unpack. I believe that every family has some sort of dysfunction, for some it may be abuse, drugs, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse … the point is that every family will have something.

Today, maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “If only you knew what goes on in my family, I wish it would stop!”

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