Teen Talk Tuesday: Family Relationships

The ideal relationship between teens and parents is one that is honoring and respectful with open communication and trust.

Everyone wants peace in their family. Too many times there are outside influences and stress that keeps families from experiencing that peace.

Is there a way to have that peace in the home, the respect, open communication and trust? You bet!

Let’s talk about what teenagers are experiencing today and the methods to stay grounded without losing your footing on this sometimes slippery slope of life.

When I was a teen, my parents were going through some things I did not understand, even though I thought I did. Decisions were made, words were said, actions spoke differently, and confusion along with open communication went to the trash.  For me at that time, my parents seemed to be the enemy, trying to keep “fun” out of my life.

Do you, as a teenager, experience that today? Do you think that your parents don’t understand you? Or, that they are too strict, or too free?

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