Teen Talk Tuesday: Are You A Daniel?

(Note: This message was given by Jerry C at our church recently)

It’s very interesting to read about Daniel in the Bible.  He was a young man, taken from his home in Judah and exiled (sent to another land as prisoners) like many others.  There were doubts about their future, but him and his friends had personal talents that made them qualified for jobs as servants in the King’s palace. However, we will see how strong his faith in God was.

We’re going to talk about the times when Daniel was employed by King Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon, who was a very proud king and kept forgetting about God’s power and all that he had witnessed of God.

Daniel made up his mind … He had decided beforehand, he had decided before he was tempted.  Why did he not want to eat the King’s food and wine?  Because he was brought up to honor God with not only his prayers but by how he lived, and that included the food that he took in.  He was a very young man, but yet, his faith in God was strong.

So, Daniel and his friends had decided before they were tempted not to fail God, not to give in.  Because of that, God moved upon the heart of the attendant to agree to a time of testing.  Because of their faith, God blessed their health.

What’s the point?  Let’s say that the King and his officials are the devil and his helpers. And let’s say that Daniel is you.

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