Teen Talk Tuesday: Are You On Your Own?

Last week, our topic was on being helpful.  Did you seriously think about that by searching your heart? Have you made a decision to be more helpful and compassionate to people, without stereotyping, fear or judgment?

The most important decision for all people, young or older, is the decision to follow Jesus Christ. This means that you desire to follow God, your creator, your maker and to follow the leading of God’s Holy Spirit.  What do I mean by Holy? It means that God will never steer you wrong, will never lie to you, will never want harm done to you and will forgive you of your sins if you truly repent and turn from it. Believe that!

Why are you here? What is it that God wants? God loves you very much and wants you to love Him in return.  We are here, each one of us, because of God’s love for us and His desire to have a personal relationship with us.  We can never be good enough to earn that place.  That is why God came “in flesh” as Jesus, to provide a way, a road, the only and perfect way to God and all the blessings and love that God has for each of us.

Jesus took our punishment, He is our scapegoat, He is our redeemer.  A redeemer is someone who takes back what was once taken away.  Jesus took back our lives and in return He took upon himself all of our sins, all of our lies, secrets, actions, thoughts … everything!

Because of that, Jesus has become the “road-maker”, if that is a term I could use.

Our sins are a barrier between God and us. Imagine you’re on the top of a mountain and there’s the most huge mountain ever that you see way off in the distance.  But, there is nothing below the mountain you are on but bottomless nothing, so there is no way for you to get to that huge glorious mountain.  You are stuck.  That is the sin barrier. Separated, no way to bride the gap. All except one …

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