Teen Talk Tuesday: 7 Reasons To Be Thankful

How many of you went with your parents or by yourselves and took advantage of the Black Friday sale the day after Thanksgiving?

What did you purchase? How long did you have to wait in line?

I’ll be honest, I have never in my life even left home on Black Friday.  Does that surprise you?  There is nothing I need that badly because I am thankful.

Are you thankful with your life and in your life?

Here’s my list of why I’m thankful:

  1. God my Father, Jesus my Redeemer and Holy Spirit my Counselor and Guide and my intimate relationship with Him
  2. My husband, our children
  3. Our church family
  4. Health, physical and emotional
  5. Home with running water, electricity, heat, food
  6. Functional vehicles and an opportunity to help provide income, to learn well, not give up
  7. Friends and relatives

Right now, sit down and create your own Thankful list.

Thirteen years ago, we visited Mexico for a mission trip to build homes. Their current homes were made from putting wooden pallets together in a square, usually about 10 foot square and 6 foot tall.  That is a little smaller than your bedroom!

There was no kitchen, cooking was done outside on rocks and maybe they had a few pans.  No dishwasher, no washer or dryer for clothing, no running water, no electric and “maybe” their home had an outhouse (outdoor toilet). There was only dirt floor and maybe they had found enough wood and pallets to have a roof over the entire home.

And still, those parents and those children were … Read more

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