How To Be Strong When You Can’t Any Longer

God is strong when you can't beYou’ve probably heard it before, “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle”. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I’m sure you can even remember those who said that to you when you were struggling with something, and they weren’t. I know I’ve thought, “You don’t understand, you’re not the one struggling. I can’t do this anymore! I’m not strong!”

I’ve had to ask myself time and time again, is that saying true? If it is, how come I don’t feel strong, how come I feel like I’m drowning? Is that you?

Currently, we are going through yet, another, “tough” time. So, I’m not just throwing out words and guidance because I’ve studied it. Well, yes, I’ve studied the scriptures over and over. The point is, we can learn how to be strong. We are not promised a trouble-free life, don’t we wish! But, the reality is, it’s not going to happen that way.

What is going to happen is that we face many trials that will come because we live and are daily bombarded with , jobs, finances, relationships, greed, hunger and so many avenues for the devil to use against us.

So, here are some questions I’ve had in my mind over the years, doubts you could call them:

If I am God’s child
• Why doesn’t He just stop these things from happening?
• Why doesn’t he protect us behind a bubble where nothing can befall us?
• Where is He?
• Is He waiting for us to fall?
• What is God waiting for?
• What do we have to do?
• When am I going to understand?

Within 3 months of each other, Roadrunner (my husband!) and I have been laid off from the same factory, financial troubles there. Him, just last week, so “again” I have to re-budget. And, even though we’ve been on a strict budget for 3 months, amazingly, miraculously, we have an extra $600 to put into savings! How did that happen? Not my math, even though I’m an accountant, but God’s math.

We have trusted God with the tough stuff, the struggles and realize that we are weak where God is strong.

That’s the bottom line of it, we are not strong in ourselves. Oh, I’ve always thought I was a tough cookie, but I’m not. We can only depend upon ourselves for so long and then we’re thinking, saying and crying out “I don’t know how long I can keep doing this, I’m not strong enough”!  I will admit, I can be a worrier, fearful of tomorrow.  And, because I’ve been an accountant for so long, it’s so difficult to shut that part of myself off.

There’s no bubble to protect, God definitely does not want us to fall, God is waiting for us to stop and listen, God is right here right now, and He wants us to have a stronger in Him. So, yes, we will face struggles, monumental life-changing events. God is for us!

Let me share something with you: God wants you to know that He has all of the strength you need, all we have to do is let Him do His thing. He’s got this, whatever you’re going through. He is strong!

How do we do this? By doing exactly what the scripture says in Psalm 138:3 “When I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me the strength I need.” This was David speaking

I’ve already told you we are currently in our “tough” spot. We’ve been in tough spots before, we’ve struggled a lot to the point of almost losing our home and vehicles. I’ve seen another blogger who has lost their home and business, Claire with A Little Claireification and you can see other great articles on Living Well Spending Less.

So, you see, you’re not alone, and we’re not alone in these struggles. Sometimes, you just have to punt.

The point is, YOU can’t garner strength to get through the valleys of life, but God can! The secret is prayer, asking and then believing.

My dear friend, you may be facing some struggles that feel much more like drowning. But, I’m here to tell you that God is waiting for you to stop trying to come up with ways to make it better. He already has the strength and wisdom you need, He’s got it in His hand.

God already has the answers, we can’t see them. He’s not withholding anything.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine all of that stress, those struggles, the worry just going out with your breath. Do it again, and pray at the same time and ask God as David did. Don’t think, don’t rationalize, don’t think “If I don’t do something, nobody else will”, just stop.  Breath in God’s power and be strong.

And, let God do what God does … move mountains!

I would love to pray for you in your time of need. If there is anything you are struggling with, just comment below. If God has brought you through a struggle, share it to encourage others.

What do you struggle with that keeps you from standing strong?

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