Sometimes You Have To Step Back

These last two months have been one of those “step back” times for me.  And these last six months have been a “step back” time for both my husband Roadrunner and I.

In October, I was laid off from an office job and since my income has always been the larger, it was a big hit to our finances. For the first week, I had panic.

There was a song that I play guitar and sing in our Hispanic church and God just put the pressure of that song on my heart.  And even though I did not understand the English conversion of all of the words, it just made me cry when I sang it when I spent time with God.  I didn’t understand why, I understood a few of the words, but it just was a song that I cried and cried while I sang.  Every day it was like that, cry and cry and cry until there was peace!

Adonai's Treasure

I know now that it was one of those times that God was saying “come sit with me, let me put my arms around you.”

Have you had those times? God also had me start this website to help others, to share my story and the lessons I’ve learned from God about me, about life, about struggles.  You have your own lessons as well.

What’s been happening the last two months?  Well, much prayer by my Roadrunner and I over what I’m supposed to do to help provide an income, if I am at all.  We have the answer from God that I am to work part-time and not take something because of the money, which is what I’ve always done.  That meant no peace with my jobs, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t enjoyment and there wasn’t learning, because there were. But, it’s time for a change, God has spoken.

So, I’ve been working part-time, sometimes too much.  Also, getting my hormones under control as they’ve been  extreme ups and downs for the last 6 years with no medication.  Much prayer and seeking answers I am better.

The great thing about all of this is that God is in control even when we don’t think that He is.  We think we must have all of the answers and the reasons why things happen.

Here’s the truth:  God allowed me to be laid off from work, which means He also allowed our income to drop which forced us to set an extremely strict budget.  And, three months later, Roadrunner was laid off from his job at the same employer, along with many other people.  So, with both of us on unemployment and no reduction of bills, we still knew that God was in control.

Roadrunner got a part-time job in February and I did in March while on unemployment.  And with the conviction that we still needed to stay on the original strict budget, this extra income allowed us to get tires for the car, new dental work for Roadrunner that was badly needed and some other things, all the while still putting back into savings.

God is so wonderful, so loving, so caring even when we may think that He doesn’t.  Just look around and see the care that He gives.  Praise Him even if you don’t see the answers or the light in the tunnel, it is there!

So with the looming of my unemployment ending, we knew that Roadrunner would have to find a full-time job, so we were praying and we asked others to pray.  On the very day of my last unemployment check, Roadrunner was hired for a job he will enjoy!  Even though it was less per hour than he needed to make for our budget, we still know that God is in control and He will make sure all of our bills are paid and we will still be able to save money and help others as well.

Loved one, know that God has you right where He wants you! There is nothing He does not know.

Look at the life of Job in the Bible: righteous in God’s eyes, thousands of animals, lots of workers, large , blessed.  And yet, God gave permission to satan to strike Job, but not to kill him.  Job lost his animals, workers, children and yet he refused to curse God.  Even his friends thought because he had trouble that he had sinned.

Have you ever thought that of someone?  Everything going good for someone and all of a sudden, BAM! Downhill quick, and the first thought in your mind is: They’re having trouble because of sin in their life.

It could be sin, and it could be that God is stretching and growing their .  Our first response should be to PRAY! And keep praying for them.

I ran in to someone at our fundraiser on Saturday who said they saw some of my Facebook posts that I was making bread and cheese and butter, all in the middle of the day when I would have normally been working (they didn’t know our circumstances), and she told her husband something has happened and they need to start praying for us and keeping us in prayer!

How awesome is that!  Their first response wasn’t that we had sinned, but something had changed and they knew they had to pray for us!  I love that and I love them (John and Brenda). We’ve also had others that have been praying for us this whole time: Freddie and Janell, Ron and Diana, Mike and Lillia, Cecilia, Jerry, Maria, Julio, Nora, Vielma, our kids and so many others and we appreciate it so much. And Janell has been there so much for me, and I for her and her family as well.

So, today as I write this, I want to encourage you to pay attention, look around, there are people that need your prayers.  While we can be “lone rangers” in this life when there are struggles, we are not to be that way.  We are to ask for prayer from others, not be silent.  We asked for prayer the whole time from certain people who we knew would pray.  And we know they have been.

We will be fine, we know that, even on less than half of the income we used to have.  God is a God of forward movement, not staying in one spot. We will stay on a budget, we have to, and we want to.  We are saving a little at a time to finish siding our home and get some other projects done.  Oh, how wasteful we have been of the income in the past that God blessed us with.  For us, it has been good for us to step back.

Jesus said in Matthew 17:20:

“He said to them, because of your little faith.  For truly I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’, and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

What is it that you have gone through that has brought great changes to your life and what have you learned? Share with each other to bring a blessing to someone else.

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