Sometimes You Must Just … Rest and Get Back on Track

you just rest

These past seven months have been one of resting, praying and seeking God’s plan for this blog.

While I love sharing, encouraging and helping people, sometimes expectations that we place upon ourselves can cause a stumbling block within us.

That’s been me!

However, right after that began, and I stopped posting … God directed me to start a Facebook group to help women in their struggles with home, life, , marriages, life with Christ, etc.  It is called Mentoring Women the Biblical Titus Way and it has been completely awesome and I am continuing it.  This group is one of direct ministry for I and the other two administrators will make phone calls if necessary to encourage and pray. And, yes, there is alot of prayer in the group! And, we have seen God magnify and heal! Join us there, it is private (women only) and we encourage truthfulness and honesty because how else can you heal?

So, it’s not like I have “checked out” of ministering … just a little jaunt to get rejuvenated. It was time for me to spend time praying and seeking God.

In addition to that, around the same time, I left a part-time job where I was cooking in a grocery store deli.  Of course, my husband and I still need my part-time income, so now what? I left corporate accounting two years before and don’t ever want to go back to corporate world again, so what can I do to bring in some extra income?

My former boss told me that I was such a good trainer that I needed to think about substitute teaching.  I talked to her friend, who is one, started praying and I applied.  So, yes, that’s what I do now … I substitute teach in elementary and LOVE IT!

However, I am very troubled by the school systems nowadays.  Even in elementary, there are such strict schedules of learning that if a child is having difficulty, there is not much time to individually show them how to accomplish the right answer.  That really breaks my heart! I have been praying for them.

So, what do I do?  I make sure all of my students know that I will check their work as they are working on it and if I see that they need additional help, I will help them.  Yes, it takes some time, but I have found that it is so worth it!  If there are several students who are struggling with the same concept, I will do some “board time” to go over it.

After all, it’s their grade! I substitute at usually two different schools and the students at one are night-and-day different than the other!  In one, there is respect and discipline … in the other completely opposite. Very sad! I have spent alot of time praying not only for the children, but also for God to help me be effective and helpful.

What’s the point in all of this? There are times in our lives where we need to sit back and prioritize.  For some, you can do this while you’re in the midst of your busyness … for others, like me, I have to step back and regroup, pray and figure out if I’ve missed the path that God wanted me on.

For this blog, I know that God wants more women and families helped through this blog and also the Facebook group (women only, no trolls!), so as I get myself organized once again, I appreciate your time of waiting for me and praying for me.

What has been holding you back?

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