Part 1: What’s Going on With the Youth Today?

There are so many distractions today for youth, not to mention adults.  Run here, run there, do this, do that … cram as much as you can into a small amount of time.

We’re glad we raised our kids in the country, but that’s not to say that even small schools don’t have their issues.  They face the same as other schools … drugs, sex, cheating, lying, etc. … just on a smaller scale.

Definitely homeschooling is something we wish we would have done with our kids.  And, while it does give them a better “edge” with academics, there is a lack in getting them ready for this society.  Sure, we want to shield our kids from the things that go on in society that are not a positive influence.

Get all up in their business

With all of this going on, how do we know what’s going on with the youth today?  Also, how do we prepare them and help them make positive decisions to themselves before they encounter all of the “stuff”?

Here are the things I know youth are dealing with today

  • Not believing fully in a Holy God and Savior
  • Visual Stimulation
  • Pressure from other students to conform (adults also pressure youth)
  • Desire to be liked
  • Clothing choices (who’s buying the revealing clothing? Parents!)
  • Lack of self-respect
  • Staying indoors all the time
  • Improper body-image thoughts and actions
  • Harming their own body
  • Overeating or starving themselves
  • Secrecy (yes, biggie)
  • Sexual intimacy (oh yes, happening even at age 10)
  • Lying about many things to adults and other youth
  • Music choices not proper
  • Theft/vandalism in home and in society
  • Drug, alcohol, prescription drug and/or “huffing” (more than 50% of students)
  • Smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco
  • Child abuse and/or sexual abuse
  • Sneaking out of home
  • Disrespecting parental/adult authority
  • Depression / lack of motivation / suicidal
  • Taking care of younger siblings alot
  • Parent is single
  • Desire for material things
  • School violence (physical and emotional)
  • Lesbian/homosexual/bi-sexual students (by the way, they’re not “born like that”)
  • Improper boundaries at home and away from home
  • Communication with parents lacking
  • Looking for love in the wrong places (that’s an old country song, who remembers that?)
  • Subconscious thinking that revealing their brings love and acceptance

Why are these things so rampant in student society today? It isn’t just in the student population that these things go on, but also in the adult society. We actually let it in our homes.  Which parents will admit to planting their young child in front of a television/video games (as a kind of babysitter) so they can go clean the house or prepare dinner or ??? Have the children been trained in visual stimulation?

There are things that go on in society that we want to shield our children from “to protect them”, and parents don’t talk to their children about them.  They hope by not discussing certain subjects that protects the child from harm in that area.

I’m sorry to say, but that mentality is seriously flawed!  It is because of the communication gap between youth and parents that they are not prepared for the bombardment in schools.  This will also not prepare them for the bombardment in adult society.  In other words, refusing to allow your child to hear anything about sex or the homosexual, it will not protect them. In fact, it actually makes them weak in those areas because they do not have the loving educational communication with their parents. Many parents are afraid if they talk about things, their child/youth will go after them.

There’s also the more important aspect of all of this: What does God’s Word say about all of this?  Do you know that all we deal with today was also rampant in society thousands of years before Jesus was born?  The only difference is technology.  But, those societies long ago had the same societal struggles, desires, wants and failures. The most remembered society was Sodom and Gomorrah.

Some things for parents to seriously think about

  • Do you feel your child is being distant?
  • Are they only talking to you in general terms?
  • Are they spending alot of time in their room instead of integrating and bonding with the family?
  • Do they read their Bible every day? Do they even have one? (electronic Bible not allowed, doesn’t count)
  • Do they know who Jesus is? Do they know how much God loves them?
  • Is there alot of time spent on electronics (more than 1hr per day)?
  • Is your child only interested in something they can watch, rather than read?
  • Are you spending time in weekly or daily Bible Studies with your entire family?
  • Do you know exactly what they search for, visit, comment, look at on the internet whether it be on their phone or other media device?
  • Do you know what they’re doing in SnapChat? What about Facebook or other social media sites?
  • Do you really know or are you just asking/telling and expecting that your child is obeying?

There are so many ways that youth are being misled and influenced for the negative. They need positive influence, they need structure, they need discipline … they need intimacy with Jesus Christ!

Here’s the truth: If you think that by just taking them to church that they won’t be doing any of these things, you are wrong. Church alone won’t fix; however, getting them involved and making sure they attend Bible-centered Youth Meetings regularly will help steer them towards Christ and praying for God’s Holy Spirit to move upon them is a must! Pray, pray, pray for them and ask God to direct you.

Parents must step up, they must get deeply involved in their child’s life. Sit down and seriously talk with your child, lovingly but seriously. Every child/youth will be dealing with at least one of the issues towards the top of this post. 


Be watching for more posts soon on what can be done to stop the downward spiral in the youth society … in your child. There are things we, as parents and adults, can do to turn things around.

What are some things you are dealing with today with your child?

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