Is Your Heart Under Lock and Key?

If you were to look back on your life, what things would you change? Would they be changes about career choices, finances and what you spent your income on? What about and how you raised or are raising your children? Are there any “do-overs” you would like an opportunity with regarding your relationship with God?

For me, looking back means there were mistakes, many more than I would like to admit. We’ve all made some decisions that were wrong and they cost us something. Maybe it cost relationships, and maybe it cost your finances. Whatever it was, we would like to know what the future holds so we don’t make mistakes. Is it possible to know what the future holds?

heart lock key

This morning, my husband and I were reading Ecclesiastes where King Solomon was looking back over his life and the things he did, things he acquired, knowledge he gained. You could say he was the most intelligent human since God gave him what he asked for … wisdom. And, that wisdom caused him to see that all of our running about, doing this and doing that, was all for nothing.

All for nothing? Yes, that is unless God is completely entrusted with our lives.

I remember pondering this years back, entrusting my life completely to God. What would that entail? Who would I become, what would I have to give up, who would I have to give up? These were all questions, oh there were more, I can assure you. It was doubt about who God was and what it was that He wanted from me.

I admit that I was very afraid.

What is it that God wants from us? What does God need from us? He already has everything, He created everything, He oversees everything. What possible thing could we give to God?

Take a trip with me

There is a door to a dark home that is shut and locked. Darkness surrounds the doorway, there is no light coming from within, just darkness. What could possibly be inside, and could anyone survive in such darkness? But yet, there is an inkling of possibility and God took it.

God is at the door, Jesus has the light and God’s Spirit is there to move through the darkness. God knocks “tap tap tap” and there’s no answer. Tap tap tap again and the bolt is unlocked. God gently asks “May we come in?” An answer comes “What do you want? I’m fine!” Holy Spirit says “We just want to visit, may we come in please?”

The door opens, Jesus has the flashlight and they all walk inside the dark room. It’s so cold inside, no light anywhere, but there’s something against all of the walls. In the darkness with just a glimmer from the light, there appears to be objects shining in the darkness. Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t a surprise for God to see they were locks. Locks on cabinets, locks on doors. There are a few without locks, but there were more with locks. Where are they?

Jesus grabs a lock, looks at me and asks “May we open this?” Great fear grips me, nobody is supposed to look in there, and it is locked for a reason. Timidly, I say “Yes”. God’s Spirit gently grabs my hand and God puts His hand on my shoulder and together we walk to where Jesus is.

Jesus then removes a memory of pain and lovingly lays it in my hand and says “We will walk with you through this.” While I have great tears in my eyes, Jesus walks through the pain with me, which surprisingly is not near as painful or fearful as the I thought it would be. One by one, over time, we go through each of the doors and drawers that have been locked away, permanent reminders that were not to see the light of day, but yet they were being hung on to like a comfortable blanket.

So, again I ask, where are we?

We are inside the heart of someone not surrendered to Jesus. We are inside a heart that has locked pain away instead of giving it up to Jesus.


Suffering Too Long

That was me, my life, my story. Difficult to tell, but I know there are others who know what this experience is.

Why do we suffer for so long? Why do we hold onto the pain, that personal heart pain of someone hurting us? Why do we lock it away to never see the light of day, never to see healing? Why do we embrace hurts like that?

For me, it was more fearful to surrender my whole being, my whole heart, to God. It was more fearful for me that Jesus would see who I really was, that I wasn’t all this put-together person, organized, smiling, etc. I was miserable, but living a lie. And, still yet afraid to let even Jesus my Redeemer see the truth.

He already knew!

What does God want from us? What can we give Him?

Complete surrender of everything, our mind, emotions, children, jobs, finances, thoughts, hurts, everything! That is the culmination of love, of unabashed love towards God our Father, towards Jesus our Redeemer, and towards Holy Spirit our Comforter.

Psalm 27:1 The Lord is my light and my salvation – so why should I be afraid? The Lord protects me from danger – so why should I tremble?

Sweet daughter of God! He knows everything! He knows all you’ve been through, He’s been right beside you and you didn’t know it. All you’ve been through, suffered through, still suffering through, He knows all of it and still wants all of YOU because He loves you!

It is time to surrender everything to Jesus, it is time to be free, it is time to open up that heart so that it will beat with love, passion, kindness, joy and full of faith!

God is all-gentle and yes, He will ask for your stuff. He won’t force you to give your baggage up. Why did I wait? I was sold a bill of lies from satan. There was nothing to fear from God, nothing at all.

Who did I become, who am I becoming? I came alive! I am becoming the bride who is preparing for her groom.

It is time to surrender everything to Jesus, it is time to be free, it is time to open up that heart so that it will beat with love, passion, kindness, joy and full of faith! Click To Tweet

It’s time to surrender everything to God! This journey closer in to the center of God’s heart will rock your world! When that happens, all those you love can’t help but be impacted for life for God’s Spirit will pour out over them and touch their lives.

Isn’t that our mission?

What have you struggled with delivering to God? In what ways has my story touched you?

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