Intentional Shopping on a Budget

There are times of plenty and there are times when you have to buckle down and watch every penny, to budget our income.


So I have to ask this question of myself and maybe you will ask yourself the same thing

Why do we gravitate to spending more when we make more money?

Because it’s too hard to keep skimping.  It is very difficult to maintain a mindset of “I can’t buy this because we can’t afford it.” But, it would be nice to be able to splurge a little bit, right?

Roadrunner and I have talked about this before … we wish we had saved instead of deciding to splurge on something unnecessary. We wish we would have had given more to help people. We wish…

Today, as I get ready to go to the grocery store, I have to intentionally look at what we need and to know exactly what the price is so I don’t go over budget.

Here are things you can do, but don’t wait until you are forced to budget, go ahead and put yourself on a budget so you can put some money back into savings for a rainy day.

– Figure out exactly what your income is after taxes
– Figure your tithes off of your gross income, not net and subtract (remember, first fruits)
– Subtract the amount you want to put back into savings
– Subtract reoccuring payments of home, vehicles, insurance, utilities, etc.
– Subtract miscellaneous things, but think about if they are necessary
– What’s left over is what can be spent on food, personal items, clothing, pet care, etc.

Usually this amount is much less than what you’ve been spending.  Go through a prior month and tally up each type of expense, exactly.  If you withdrew cash, you need to count that as miscellaneous spending.

You will find that your spending is much more than you realized.  So, what do you do now?

Get on a budget now

Do the steps above and get started. Dedicate to keeping it going. Have a goal in mind and reach for it. Now, don’t forget the most important: prayer!

Prayer is necessary because you tell God what you want to do, and then you listen to God as He speaks to you.

Let’s get started, let’s be much more intentional than we have been.  I encourage you to not be wasteful, we are very wasteful here in the United States.  Go to a poor country, and your eyes will be opened, I can assure you.  We’ve been there, and there are many here from other countries who live on far less than we could ever imagine.  They have learned how to be thrifty and budget-minded, they had to.

What are some ideas that you’ve incorporated into your own lifestyle to make sure you stay on a budget?  Have you tried putting yourself on a budget? I’d love to hear some additional ideas!

Also, Ruth at Living Well Spending Less has some awesome ideas. I love to visit her site.

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