How Often Do We Sacrifice for God?


At the outset, we may feel pretty confident that we sacrifice a lot to do God’s work, to raise Godly children, to have a Godly marriage; but, what kind of sacrifice are we talking about here?

The other question that I ask myself: What has God sacrificed for us? Anyone?

What if God had just scrapped the whole thing from the beginning of mankind, not even given Adam and Eve a continuance of life? Would God have still been God? Would that still have been sacrifice?

We are not given specific whys, hows, whens on a lot of things that God did. However, we are given glimpses in scripture and the interwoven theme is that God has sacrificed. SO*MUCH*MORE*THAN*WE*KNOW!

This question has been burning in me for about a month now … (continue reading)

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