When Hard Times Come, Do You Say ‘Why Me?’

We have been through our share of hard times, as I’m sure many of you have as well.  How did you come out of it? Did you come out of it unscathed? Did you come out of it as if you stepped back? Did you come out of it rejoicing even though things were not as good?

As the phrase “been there, done that“, we have. And, I am willing to admit that there has been fear in my own life when there are hard times.  I tend to be more of a logical person, over-thinking, analyzing, number-crunching and planning.  But, even with all of that, there is still fear.

While there is a recipe for failure, there is also a recipe for victory.  Do you know what those are?

hard times why me

Why Me?

This is heard alot.  Why is this happening to me/us? Have you said that? Have you thought that? I have done that in the past.

Recipe for Failure

  • Fear
  • Independent from God
  • Pride and trusting in yourself to escape trouble
  • Working everything out without God’s guidance
  • Putting your own plans into action
  • Anxiousness, which can lead to relational problems and intimacy problems in marriage

Recipe for Victory

  • Filled with awe at the amazing things God has done (Habakkuk 3:2)
  • Knowing that God is your strength (Habakkuk 3:19)
  • Waiting upon God and trusting Him
  • Strength from God
  • Wisdom from God
  • Knowing that God will do right
Instead of questioning God's ways, we should realize that He is totally just, and we should have faith that He is in control. Click To Tweet

Today, there seems to be many people following the Recipe for Failure. And, they wonder why there is no success. We have had those hard times as well, and it seems as if you sink even further in the quagmire and feel trapped.

Do You Feel Trapped In Your Hard Times?

Trapped … nobody likes to feel trapped.  Honestly, going on a tight budget does feel like a trap, but it doesn’t have to be.  It can be freedom from being controlled by finances.

However, now that we’ve been on a very tight budget for awhile, we have found it has been good for us.  Even though we suffered a huge income loss and have had hard times, God has helped us to pay all of our bills and not go hungry.

Are you in your dry valley? Are you struggling to get to higher ground?

I can assure you that God is waiting for you to take His hand to lead you to that higher ground.  That will probably mean changes in your life are necessary.

Let’s be honest here, and I know this, hard times come when there’s sin and also just because of a sinful world.  Which one is it when there is difficulty?

That’s when you need to sincerely and deeply ask God. ‘Is it my sin, God, that has us where we are?’

Of course, Habakkuk complained … how long must I call to you for help?

Habakkuk was seeing sin all around and praying … and then nothing from God. To him, it seemed as if God was doing nothing and didn’t care.

Which Recipe Will You Follow?

Instead of questioning God’s ways, we should realize that He is totally just, and we should have faith that He is in control. And … that one day all evil will be destroyed.

Where are you today in your life? What is going on that needs to get better, that needs to change? Are you in the Recipe for Failure or are you in the Recipe for Victory?

I’ve shared some of what we’ve been through and also in some of my other posts with the hope that they will encourage you to grab ahold of God’s hand and do things His way.

This is community, share what you’re going through as I would be happy to join you in prayer for that victory. Share with others on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest … let’s encourage each other also by leaving a comment.

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