Greatest Methods for Healthy Hair That Works

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Most people wash their hair every day, condition it, add more hair products, comb it out, blow dry and maybe curl. That’s alot of work! I’m telling you, your hair is not that dirty nor does it need that much work.

According to hair stylists, it is extremely rare to find a woman with what they call virgin hair.  That is hair that has not ever been dyed, frosted or highlighted.  My hair is virgin hair.

Are you one of those who washes your hair on a daily basis? I used to be and it near killed me when I stopped washing it so often.

Of course, I’ve seen that some people are using dry shampoo, which is the same stuff that hair dressers use and they call it hair crack as it fluffs up the hair at the roots, great for styling.

The first time I had the hair crack put on my hair, I did not like it at all.  It felt like it had alum in it as it absorbed moisture.

We should wash our hair as often as needed.  If you exercise, you’ll want to wash it more often.

By the way, this is my natural color (auburn), it has never been colored, highlighted or frosted and I am 56 years old …

Tammy's healthy hair

What Is The Alternative To Washing Daily?

I wash my hair every three days. Seriously? Yes, and it is healthy and it is clean.

When I wash my hair, these are my steps:

  • Wash hair with shampoo that I have added Rosemary Essential Oil and Tea Tree Oil to it
  • Rinse well (no conditioner or anything else)
  • With a towel, blot hair, don’t use the towel to rub hair
    • That’s what creates tangles and causes cuticles to be frayed
  • Let dry completely before brushing

That’s it, that’s all I do.  I style it however I want and I have more and staying power with my hair.

If your hair tends to be oily and that’s why you wash it every day, it is because of excess oils from scalp being secreted because the hair root is dry.  Counter-intuitive, I know, but it’s the same with oily skin … oily skin is dry skin. A different post for another day.

Why don’t I use hair conditioner or a hair mask?

Your hair follicles soak up the oil the hair strand needs. There is no need to over-wash your hair. There is no need for conditioner as your scalp produces the proper oil your hair needs.

This needs to be said: A healthy body, healthy eating and taking care of yourself will produce healthy hair, skin and nails.

It took three months before I was able to see that my hair was becoming healthy by not using conditioner.  That was actually the first thing I did, washing less came later.

I also change shampoo brands about every three months; just like anything else, your hair gets used to certain chemicals in the shampoo and it doesn’t do the job as well as before.

Add Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential Oil to Shampoo

Rosemary Essential Oil and Tea Tree Oil are extremely effective for hair growth and healthy scalp.  To a 16 oz bottle of shampoo, I add about 15 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil and about 3 drops o Tea Tree Oil. That’s it, just shake to distribute.

I wash my hair every 3 days.  Also every 3 months, I will add about 2 Tablespoons of baking soda to the shampoo in my hand to clear the waxes from the shampoo off of my hair … squeaky clean!

Best Method To Rinse Hair

Rinse hair in warm water, making sure to get all of the shampoo out.

Do not use conditioner or any kind of mask.  Later, you’ll thank me!

Turn water to cold or cool and rinse some more.  This closes the hair shaft scales and keeps moisture in the hair strand.

Blot Hair Dry With Towel

Yes, I used to be one of those who would take the towel and rub it all over my head to try and get as much water soaked up as quick as possible.  Of course, I had tangles! And, it causes the cuticles on hair shaft to be roughed-up, which causes more dry hair.

The best method, and the one that I use, is blot hair dry with towel.  Place towel on wet hair and press all over.  Take the ends of hair and press. Then, I wrap towel around head and leave on for about 10 minutes.

Brush Hair Only After Completely Dry

When you try to brush or comb wet hair out, it gets tangled.  That’s why conditioners were formulated … wax, wax and more wax on the hair.  And, it clogs the hair shaft from breathing and getting moisture from the air.

Forget the heat protectors also … more wax on your hair strands. Yuck!

Allow your hair to dry completely before trying to brush.

The best brush? I love boar bristle brushes, they get through my hair and can I say “head massage”? Ahhhhh!

Brush hair first from underneath.  If you have very thick and long, course hair like me, then you’ll have to take it in stages.

Once you have brushed underneath, you can run a wide-tooth comb through it if you want.

Processing Hair – Color, Highlights, Relaxers or Perms

Just limit all processing to twice a year.  More often than that, you risk damaging the hair root.  This damage will not only change your natural hair color permanently, but it will also damage the quality of new hair growing from the root.

So You Want Your Hair To Have Body or Curl?

Use the hair clips.

If your hair does not have natural body, take small sections of wet hair, twist, twirl and attach clip against head.

If your hair does have natural body, you will be able to do the same method, but with dry hair.

As for my hair, I can wrap small sections around my finger and hold for 20 seconds and … curl! I used to tell people my hair was like a piece of wire.

Will These Methods Work?

Yes, they will.  My hair was not as cooperative when I was washing it all the time, using conditioners, blow dryers and curling irons.

I had split ends, I also could not grow out the fronts of my hair because it was always broken off from combing or brushing it wet.

Now? The proof is in the picture, but more so in the feel of my hair.  It does not tangle and look how long it is.  No curling iron or rollers, I twisted in a bun after washing and let it dry like that. I get it trimmed about once a year.

And yes, I do have a little grey hair at my age; but no matter how much, I will not color my hair.

So, if you want healthy, beautiful hair like it was created to perform, then follow these methods.

Do you have different methods for getting that beautiful healthy hair?

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