We are very happy you’ve come to visit and while we are just getting started, we hope you will bookmark our site and return often.

To get you started, I want to share some helpful tips for families:
* God the Father, God the Spirit, God the Savior Jesus
* Pray together, do Bible studies together
* Practice and encourage individual prayer and Bible study time, encourage worship of God
* Spend time together doing fun things, rotating whose ideas you do next
* Get the kids away from the electronics – I can’t say this enough
* Teach your kids how to cook, clean, etc.
* Kids will learn the most by watching you and any adult you bring around them, pay attention
* Be sure and take time out for your spouse every day, be open and loving at all times
* Love unconditionally

Of course, there are more, but these cover the biggest part.  The important thing is: LOVE.  And, nurture your marriage, take care of it.  Your children learn about marriage from their parents.  They also learn about problem-solving and whether to stick it out when the going gets tough.

Browse around and drop me a note if you have any questions.

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