I Don’t Like Soup But I Made Chicken Vegetable Soup

Y’all may think I’m crazy, but I do not like soup. Stew is okay sometimes, but soup, bleh!! I’d rather starve, no thanks.

soupRoadrunner smoked a whole chicken and it’s always so good. So, for the first time, I think the very first time in my life, I told him I wanted to keep the chicken bones and stuff to make soup.

Yep, completely off of my rocker, somebody check under the hood, the engine is knocking! Spewing oil!

I love smoked chicken, it smelled and tasted so good. There was enough for 3 more meals, so in the freezer it goes. In the bowl, there are all these chicken bones and other things.  Roadrunner knows I don’t debone chicken very well, he usually prowls in for the bits I leave.  You’d think he was starving! For those who know him, you probably think he is starving; I promise he eats alot.

I’m looking at this mess and I look at Roadrunner and say, “Hon, don’t give this to the dog, I’m going to make soup.” He looks at me with his mouth open and that look that says “did you forget to take your hormone herbs again” look.  Come on, ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

At the same time, I’m trying to figure out what just came out of my mouth.  Did that just come out of mine? Quick trip to bathroom to make sure it was still me.  Remember, I don’t like soup and I don’t like deboning chickens. (Here’s a kicker for you – I don’t mind butchering chickens! Crazy!) So, I wrap it up good and put it in the refrigerator to make soup the next day.

And, nothing happens the next day.  I look at it and think, “I need to make that soup, Roadrunner wanted to scrap the bones before they went out to the dog and I wouldn’t let him”. So, I’ll make it tomorrow.  Why am I delaying? I’m trying to figure out why I ever decided to make soup, God what are you doing to me? Sidenote: It’s kind of like God told me one day, “You’ve never let anyone see you cry, always protective of yourself, that’s going to change.” Guess what, I cry! Let’s move to the soup.

Today, new day, I muster up the courage first thing this morning and fill a big pot with water, and in goes the chicken and all that, still cringing because I’ll have to dig the bones out. I haven’t made soup in so long, but I love to cook and can cook about anything and its great tasting. A whole onion is next, I love onions; then celery, green peppers and red-colored green peppers as well as corn and I added a leftover baked potato. I wish I would have had carrots, they would have been good. I cooked it good so maybe I wouldn’t have to dig too much at the bones for the meat.  I did real good, let it cook several hours, then separated bone and meat. Whew, that part’s done! Below are ingredients before cooking. Oh yes, I freeze my peppers.


I did something I didn’t think I could do, I tasted the soup. Not bad! It needed a little salt and garlic, so in that goes and taste again. It’s starting to taste yummy.

If you know me at all, you know that I love to add extra things to my cooking, so I look in my freezer and I spot a bag of frozen smoked chipolte sauce that my friend Maria made for me. I grab two ice cubes of that and into the soup it goes. That gave the soup a just a teaser kick to the taster, I can tell you. Did you catch that? Chipolte ice cubes? Yes, my secret! Leftover sauces, broth, juices all go in ice cube trays to freeze, then into freezer bag and labeled to use for casseroles and all kinds of goodies.


I stand amazed, I am shocked, I am speechless at this soup! I have had two bowls of it. It was so good, my tongue slapped my brain and my spoon jumped out of my hand and did a jig!

If you don’t have the chipolte, you can use a couple tablespoons of tomato paste, better yet make your own or buy in can.

This just proves to me one thing: Your view of things change when God is changing you.

Enjoy! I’d love your comments.


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