Benefits of Homeschooling Your Children


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When I think back to the public school days of our now-grown children, my biggest regret is not homeschooling them. Why? Because there were times they struggled with their classes, one of them much more than the other.  Also, I feel that I could have provided them with a much better education.

Why do I say that? Because, my heart breaks for all of these children and teenagers who are taught from a mentality of:

  • Only give them so much time
  • Plan every minute
  • Don’t allow them to have any time where there is nothing to do or they will misbehave

If your child is or was in a public school system, I can assure you that this will most probably be the mentality. It’s not the fault of the teachers, it’s the requirements that are put into effect by state educators to try and get our schools to produce more advanced students.

The fact is, children learn at different paces and every child has their strengths.  They can be given a lesson plan that is detailed down to “10-10:30 Math pages 75-78” and only 1/3 of the students will be able to finish on time. Most of the remaining 2/3rds will try to complete the assignment in class, but they will not have enough time. Why? Because some are not given the individual time to really learn the concepts.  Some students will guess … this really bothers me!

Teachers in public school systems are overloaded with not much thanks.  They not only have to teach, but they also have to pay psychologist in order to figure out how to manage the classroom while teaching.  In order to teach, you have to love it and you have to love kids.  I’ve met many great teachers who want only the best for each student and they do their best, but there just isn’t enough time in the day to handle individual learning.  Nor is there enough funding for schools to be able to add additional teachers and aides.

Homeschooling allows every student to learn at their own pace. It also allows the parent to be able to give that individual time to explain concepts. And, yes, you as the homeschooling parent will have answer and help guides to explain the homeschooling work.

Today there are so many great resources for homeschooling, especially this one on reading, spelling, remembering, dyslexia and more from All About Learning.  I belong to a Mommy group on Facebook and I see alot of concerns by parents who want to homeschool their child but are afraid of failure. They are also afraid that they will be overwhelmed and won’t be able to explain the work.

That is why I love this little book You Can Do It Too! 25 Homeschool Families Share Their Success Stories . There are alot of success stories out there, not just in this book.

This book is for you if:

  • You’re overwhelmed about homeschooling options
  • You are curious what homeschooling looks like day after day
  • You’re not sure if you have the education or patience to homeschool or even if you’re not sure you could
  • You’re not sure what to teach
  • You’ve started and are not sure if you’re being effective
  • You need ideas, inspiration and motivation to keep going

The greatest thing about homeschooling is that you can make sure it is Bible-based! You can make sure that your child is not learning world-view belief systems, while at the same time they are scoring very high on ACT’s and are able to gain scholarships into college.

Not only that, you can spend that individual time with your child.  Only you know your child the best and I know you want the best for each of them. What a legacy you can give them for their future!

So, what are you waiting for! Start your homeschooling success off right by reading what these 25 families have done to be successful in homeschooling their children from Pre-K all the way to 12th grade. Read their stories about their concerns, experiences, joys and why they keep homeschooling their children.


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