Our passion at Adonai’s Treasure is first to honor God in my own life and then to share my passion for husband, home and family, as well as provide you with edifying, encouraging, and beneficial resources.

Just as there are expenses for running a home or business, there are also expenses to running a blog like this one and so we will accept tasteful advertising and participate in certain affiliate programs to provide some income at no cost to you, our visitors.

Affiliates and Marketing

We are very cautious about what is promoted on this site, because it does belong to God. So the advertisements and affiliates you see here are those personally used or that we would recommend to our best friend.

What is an affiliate link/referral link?

On some of our posts or those of our guest contributors, we might mention that a link is an affiliate link and if you choose to click on that affiliate link and follow through with the purchase of that product or service upon our recommendation, we may get a small referral commission at no additional cost to you. This will allow us to continue to provide you  with helpful articles, tips, items you can print to use, and other resources without charge.

We are so thankful for your responses and support on this page and sharing on your social media platforms.  It is indeed an encouragement and blessing to us here at Adonai’s Treasure.

Health and Wellbeing

There will be some health and wellbeing posts on this site; however, I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be a doctor. I will provide educational information as well as my own personal experience. We highly encourage the reader to speak with their primary care physician before making any changes to diet, medication or overall health.
In Christ’s Love,

Adonai’s Treasure