About Me

TammyI’m Tammy and I am so happy that you have come to visit me here in Arkansas. Sit down with me and let’s share a cup of coffee and chat. I’ll make us a little treat while we get chatty!

While I took a break from sharing with y’all for about 7 months as I needed to re-focus on what God wanted me to do, I’m back.  I also started a Facebook private group to help mentor women directly in all of the things that they deal with and to encourage them, so I invite you over to join us!

This shocks alot of people, but God moved us to praise Him and serve Him in a Hispanic church … we are still learning Spanish, but God has certainly fed our hearts … and I praise God with guitar and singing.

I have been married for 37 years to Roadrunner (if you met him, it’s appropriate!!) and we have two grown sons who are both married. We have a farm, so of course we love living in the country.  I love to cook, do crafts, sew, play guitar and piano. I love food and am too curious, evidenced by my piles of recipe cards for making all kinds of food from scratch. My latest find: velveeta cheese!!

So, stick around, browse around, I will be adding more for you to look at that will be helpful to you.

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