7 Advantages To Using Herbal Remedies

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With so many prescriptions on the market today and the side effects they cause (some minor and some can be severe with certain situations), there are many who are looking for an alternative that is much gentler on our amazing bodies.


In our household, we have been using herbal remedies and for years. Very, very rarely have we used prescriptions. This may sound like Russian roulette, but we have made informed decisions on herbal and essential oil usage.  This is based on research and personal experience.

We also take certain supplements because the foods that are manufactured today are depleted of various minerals that our bodies require … either from the soil they are grown in or the manufacturing process itself.

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Why would anyone consider using an herbal remedy with so many available prescriptions and the medical professionals with years of study prescribing them?

Everyone wants to use the safest medicine they can find and/or the safest herbal remedy. Nobody wants to harm their , everyone wants their body to function properly. Everyone wants health, but not everyone goes after it. I have struggled with that.

Herbal and vitamin supplements are covered in the United States under the 1994 Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act.  The manufacturers of these must adhere to safety before marketing them. There are a lot less people that have side effects from herbal remedies than they do with prescriptions. Why is that?

The information on herbal supplements vs prescriptions is vastly different, and many times difficult to obtain. It takes personal research, it takes talking with your doctor about herbal supplements regarding your health and medical conditions.  It takes an informed decision.

There are some herbal preparations that should not be taken if you are pregnant, there are some that should not be taken if you have high blood pressure.  Again, do your own research, know your health and medical conditions extremely well.

And, it is unwise to take an herbal supplement while taking any prescription medication. And, it is extremely important to know where the herb is grown, and if it is grown under organic conditions. However, there are many benefits.

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Herbs are the oldest medicine

They are even being mentioned in the Bible (Old Testament) by specific names for specific purposes. There are even other written records on papyrus showing the uses and benefits. Herbs have numerous constituents, and even though the herb may be dried, there are still active oils still in the plant.

Herbs were first used in pharmacology and by doctors

However, now, these have been put aside as chemical compounds have been used to mimic those of herbs. In fact, more than 70% of countries outside of the United States still use herbal supplements and essential oils for healing and treating medical conditions.

Herbs and essential oils are a lot less costly than prescriptions

Let’s take for example Cinnamon. I purchase 300 capsules for $15, I take 2/day. If I were to buy a prescription for diabetes control, it would cost me $40 for the same length of time.

Herbs and essential oils have the added benefit of very few side effects

When you take the time to study about herbs and get to know them, not just their benefits, but their usage, you will find much comfort.

Knowledge obtained through personal research

Personal research of herbal supplements and essential oils means that you are taking responsibility for your health in making it better.

Herbal supplements and essential oils

When these are used with a healthy diet, they can completely change over your health. There is a vital reason that if we ingest those things grown vs manufactured and processed, our health will improve.  Give our bodies what they need, they will thrive.

Herbs have unique antioxidants

Not only that, but there are vitamins, essential oils, phytosterols that purify, detox and boost our amazing bodies.

As an added bonus, many are great for use in cooking!

For us, herbs and essential oils are the way to go.  No doubt. For instance, a urinary tract infection/kidney infection I had was healed drinking Uva Ursi tea 3x/day.  I was in alot of pain, could not hardly walk.  By the second day, no pain and I was able to go to the bathroom without pain.  By the third day, everything working normal.

Did you know that Cinnamon has the highest antioxidant value of any spice?  Read more. Personally, I use cinnamon to help lower my blood sugar. Oh, and I love garlic for high blood pressure, it works very well.  A lady at work started taking it because hers was very high and she did not want to go to the doctor.  I told her about Garlic Oil, she started taking it, by the second day, her blood pressure was going down and continued to every day.

If you want to know more about the nutritional facts of herbs, here are a few sites:

Nutrition and You

Wellness Mama

Let me know what your experiences are with herbs.

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